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The Civil War in New York
Darius Couch
New York City draft riots
Martin Van Buren
September 11, 1786
September 14, 1786
The Annapolis Convention (in Maryland) backs calling a Constitutional Convention to begin in May, 1787 in Philadelphia Maryland
New Jersey
New York
March 8, 1817 The New York Stock Exchange is organized. It will open later this month. New York
February 28, 1818 New York passes a bill requiring state banks to pay debt in United States notes or specie (hard currency). New York
  Panic of 1819
February 18, 1825 With the support of many Northern states, Senator Rufus King of New York introduces a bill calling for the creation of a fund from the sale of public land to carry out gradual emancipation. New York
May 9, 1837 Banks in New York City see a tremendous outflow (some estimates range as high as $700,000) of hard currency (gold and silver) as a result of the Specie Circular. New York
  Specie Circular
  Panic of 1837
May 10, 1837 New York City banks suspend hard currency payments because of depleted reserves. The "Panic of 1837" that occurred today results in a 6-year depression New York
  Specie Circular
  Panic of 1837
September 3, 1838 Frederick Douglass travels from Baltimore to New York under an assumed named, escaping slavery Maryland
New York
  Frederick Douglass
June 22, 1848 The "Independent Democratic Convention" is held in Utica, New York, and consists mostly of Barnburners. They nominate Martin Van Buren as candidate for President New York
  Election of 1848
  Democratic Party
October 1, 1851 An angry mob takes William Henry, an escaped slave, from the jail in Syracuse and helps him flee to Canada New York
February 27, 1860 After being photographed by Matthew Brady, Abraham Lincoln speaks at the Cooper Institute in New York City. New York
  The Election of 1860
  Abraham Lincoln
January 6, 1861 Fernando Wood, mayor of New York, proposed that New York City should secede as well, allowing trade with both the North and South New York
January 12, 1861 Star of the West returns to New York City New York
  Star of the West
February 20, 1861 President-elect Abraham Lincoln and Vice-president Elect Hannibal Hamlin of Maine meet in New York City Maine
New York
  Abraham Lincoln
April 25, 1861 New York's 7th Regiment arrives in Washington, having around Baltimore by boat. New York
  Washington D. C.
May 24, 1861 Col. Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth of the 11th New York Fire Zouaves is killed in the Marshall House Inn in Alexandria, Virginia, after he and his men removed a Confederate flag. He is generally regarded as the first officer killed while on duty in the American Civil War. New York
  Civil War Firsts
  Encounter at the Marshall House
July 13, 1863
July 16, 1863
Draft riots, New York City New York
  New York City draft riots
January 10, 1867 New York ratifies the 14th Amendment New York
  14th Amendment

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