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The Civil War in Indiana
December 11, 1816 Indiana admitted to the United States (Free State) Indiana
December 18, 1816 [circa] Abraham Lincoln's family completes their move to Indiana (near Vincennes, where the Wabash River forms the border of Indiana and Illinois) Indiana
  Abraham Lincoln
March 15, 1830 Abraham Lincoln moves to Macon County, Illinois, about 10 miles south of Decatur Indiana
  Abraham Lincoln
March 4, 1855 With the state legislature divided (the northern part of the state was abolitionist while the southern half was pro-slavery) Indiana begins an almost 2 year period without a U. S. Sentator Indiana
July 30, 1862 The term Copperhead is used for the first time in writing by the Cincinnati Gazette. It was used to indicate people who would not admit they were Southern sympathizers, and "peace at any price" Democrats. People who did admit Southern sympathies were called "dough-heads." The paper used the term when refering to members of the Indiana Democratic Convention Ohio
July 8, 1863
July 9, 1863
After crossing the Ohio River on captured steamboats, Morgan and his men loot Mauckport and Corydon Indiana
  John Hunt Morgan
September 28, 1863 Repercussions from Chickamauga: US Generals Crittenden, Alexander McDowell and McCook are relieved of duty and ordered to Indianapolis to face a court of inquiry. Indiana
  Battle of Chickamauga
October 17, 1863 As Ulysses S. Grant travels to Louisville, KY, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton boards the train in Indianapolis, IN with orders for him to assume command of the Military Division of the Mississippi. Indiana
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Edwin Stanton
January 23, 1867 Indiana ratifies the 14th Amendment Indiana
  14th Amendment
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