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Major General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Stonewall Jackson fought from Bull Run until his untimely death shortly after Chancellorsville

With the most famous sobriquet of the Civil War, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson has been recognized for his strategic thinking and is generally regarded as one of the top U. S. generals of all time although he only fought in the Civil War for 2 years. Virginian by birth, his ancestrial home is now part of West Virginia. At the start of the War he took Harper's Ferry and began making guns at the local armory. Advancing to Manassas, Jackson engaged the enemy at Henry Hill, where he earned his famous nickname. After his Shenandoah Valley Campaign in 1862, Stonewall advanced to Richmond, where he participated in the Seven Days, then launched Second Manassas. At Antietam his mixed command withstood initial federal assaults and he stood his ground at Fredricksburg. He was wounded in the most famous "friendly-fire" incident along with A. P. Hill during the battle of Chancellorsville

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Stonewall Jackson
Attack on Dam Number 5

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