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Zachary Taylor
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Other
May 14, 1832 Some militia under Col. Zachary Taylor attack Blackhawk Indians coming to discuss a truce. The Blackhawk kill 12 settlers.
May 8, 1846 Zachary Taylor wins the battle of Palo Alto
  Mexican American War
May 9, 1846 Zachary Taylor wins the battle of Resaca de la Palma
  Mexican American War
August 19, 1846 Zachary Taylor begins a move toward Monterrey
  Mexican American War
September 21, 1846
September 23, 1846
Battle of Monterrey, Mexico
  Mexican American War
  George Thomas
February 22, 1847
February 23, 1847
Battle of Buena Vista (Mexican-American War)
  George Thomas
  Braxton Bragg
  Jefferson Davis
  Mexican American War
June 7, 1848
June 9, 1848
Whigs meet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nominees included Zachary Taylor, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and Winfield Scott. Taylor wins the nomination on the fourth ballot Pennsylvania
  Daniel Webster
  Henry Clay
  Winfield Scott
  Election of 1848
November 7, 1848 Zachary Taylor (Whig) defeats Lewis Cass (Democrat) and Martin Van Buren (Freesoil) in the Presidential Election of 1848
  Martin Van Buren
  Election of 1848
  Democratic Party
September 12, 1849 Abraham Lincoln writes a letter to John M. Clayton, rejecting President Zachary Taylor's offer for Lincoln to become territorial governor of Oregon Oregon
  Abraham Lincoln
July 4, 1850 Following an Independence Day celebration centered around the as yet unfinished Washington Monumnent, Zachary Taylor becomes sick.
July 9, 1850 President Taylor dies of gastroenteritis. Millard Fillmore becomes President
  Compromise of 1850
  Millard Fillmore

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor is best remembered for two contributions to the United States -- his command of U. S. forces in northern Mexico during the Mexican American War and his desire to admit the state of California to the United States, which precipated a constitutional crisis that was solved by the Compromise of 1850.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Other

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