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Washington Peace Convention
January 19, 1861 Virginia calls for a peace conference Virginia
  Virginia Secession Convention
February 4, 1861
February 27, 1861
Washington Peace Conference (also called Convention or Congress)
  Felix Zollicoffer
  Salmon P. Chase
  John Tyler
March 1, 1861 The U. S. Congress rejects the Washington Peace Conference proposals

The "old gentlemen's convention" was the last ditch effort to end the growing conflict peaceably. Although 22 states did send representatives, the states of the Deep South, which were meeting at the Convention of Seceding States, refused to send delegates to the Convention.

As the Deep South was in the process of seceding from the Union, Virginia call for a "peace convention"

Proceedings were held in secret.

The meeting used the Crittenden Plan as its starting point for finding common ground, but failed.

Illinois.—John Wood, Stephen T. Logan, John M. Palmer,
Burton C. Cook, Thomas J. Turner.
Roger S. Baldwin
Chauncey F. Cleveland,
Charles J. HcCurdy
James T. Pratt
Robbins Battell
Amos S. Treat

George B. Rodney
Daniel M. Bates
Henry Ridgeley
John W. Houston
William Cannon.

Caleb B. Smith
Pleasant A. Hackleman
Godlove S. Orth
E. W. H. Ellis
Thomas C. Slaughter

James W. Grimes
Samuel H. Curtis
William Vandever

William O. Butler
James B. Clay
Joshua E. Bell
Charles S. Morehead
James Guthrie
Charles A. Wickliffe.

John F. Dent
Reverdy Johnson
John W. Crisfield
Augustus W. Bradford
William T. Goldsborough
J. Dixon Roman
Benjamin C. Howard.

New Hampshire
Amos Tuck
Levi Chamberlain
Asa Fowler.

New Jersey
Charles S. Olden
Peter D. Vroom
Robert F. Stockton
Benjamin Williamson
Joseph F. Randolph
Frederick T. Frelinghuysen
Rodman M. Price
William C. Alexander
Thomas J. Stryker

New York
William E. Dodge

North Carolina
George Davis
Thomas Ruffin
David S. Reid
Daniel M. Barringer
J. M. Morehead.

John C. Wright
Salmon P. Chase
William S. Groesbeck
Franklin C. Backus
Reuben Hitchcock
Thomas Ewing
Valentine B. Horton

Thomas White
James Pollock
William M. Meredith
David Wilmot
A. W. Loomis
Thomas E. Franklin,
William McKennan.

Rhode Island and, Providence Plantations
Samuel Ames
Alexander Duncan
William W. Hoppin
George H. Browne
Samuel G. Arnold

Josiah M. Anderson
Robert L. Carruthers
Alvin Cullom
Isaac R. Hawkins
William P. Hickerson
George W. Jones
R. J. McKinney
Thomas Martin
Samuel Milligan
William H. Stephens
A. W. O. Totten.
F. K. Zollicoffer

John Tyler
William C. Rives
John W. Brockenbrough
George W. Summers
James A. Seddon.

Hiland Hall
Lucius E. Chittenden
Levi Underwood
H. Henry Baxter
B. D. Harris.

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