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War of 1812
June 22, 1807 British ship Leopard fires upon the U. S. ship Chesapeake off the coast of Virginia, then boards her in search of British deserters. They remove 4 men.
April 26, 1809 Britain declares any country who trades with Napoleonic France to be non-neutral.
January 11, 1812 The Giles Bill is signed into law. It increases the sized of the Army and Navy to 25,000 men.
May 22, 1812 HMS Hornet arrives in Washington D. C. with a "last formal notice" from the English government.
  Washington D. C.
June 1, 1812 James Madison requests a declaration of War against Britain from the U. S. Congress. They begin meeting in private session.
June 18, 1812 Congress (79-49 in the House, 19-13 in the Senate) declares war on the empire of Great Britain.
December 24, 1814 Treaty of Ghent signed, ending the War of 1812

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