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Patrick Cleburne
October 8, 1862 Battle of Perryville

Braxton Bragg [CS] and Don Carlos Buell [US] fight the largest battle on Kentucky soil. The battle is generally regarded as a draw, although Buell claimed victory. Less than half of Buell's men participated because he did not know a major battle was taking place less than 2 miles from his headquarters
  Braxton Bragg
  Don Carlos Buell
  Army of the Ohio
  Army of Tennessee
  Philip Sheridan
  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
  William Hardee
  Simon Bolivar Buckner
  Benjamin Franklin Cheatham
  Leonidas Polk
November 25, 1863 Battle of Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga

Three Union armies attacked the Army of Tennessee atop Missionary Ridge, east of downtown Chattanooga. Patrick Cleburne stopped William Tecumseh Sherman from the north, although outnumbered 10 to 1. Joe Hooker was seriously delayed by burnt bridges and failed to hit the southern end of Bragg's line near Rossville, Georgia. Thomas' Army of the Cumberland struck the center, breaking Bragg's line and forcing a retreat. Sheridan, ordered to pursue, was stopped dead in his tracks by William Hardee's rear guard action.
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Battles for Chattanooga
  Braxton Bragg
  John Breckinridge
  George Thomas
  Philip Sheridan
  Army of the Cumberland
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Joseph Hooker
  William Hardee
  Army of Tennessee
November 26, 1863 Battle of Ringgold Gap

Patrick Cleburne's [CS] rear guard action against Joseph Hooker [US] following the defeat at Missionary Ridge gives Braxton Bragg time to establish a line in Dalton, GA
  Battles for Chattanooga
  Joseph Hooker
  Braxton Bragg
August 30, 1864 Sherman's army descends in force south of Atlanta. Hood responds by sending corps under Patrick Cleburne and Stephen Lee to defend the Macon and Western Railroad Georgia
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  John Bell Hood

Irish-born and British-trained, Patrick Cleburne was an Arkansas lawyer before joining the Confederate forces. He played important roles in the battles of Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Pickett's Mill, Atlanta and Jonesboro.

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