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John Sedgwick
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Military
May 31, 1862
June 1, 1862
Battle of Seven Pines [US]
Battle of Fair Oaks [CS]
  Joseph E. Johnston
  George McClellan
  Peninsula Campaign
  Battle of Fair Oaks - Seven Pines
  James Longstreet
  Edwin Vose Sumner
  John B. Gordon
  Oliver O. Howard
  Daniel Harvey Hill
  Benjamin Huger
  Samuel Garland
  Darius Couch
February 5, 1863 General Joseph Hooker reorganizes the Army of the Potomac appointing J. F. Reynolds, Darius Couch, Dan Sickles, George Meade, John Sedgwick, W. F. Smith, Franz Sigel and Henry Slocum in command of individual corps. George Stoneman is named his cavalry chief. Smith's Ninth Corps is assigned to Newport News to increase pressure on Richmond
  Joseph Hooker
  George Meade
  Army of the Potomac
  William Farrar Smith
May 3, 1863 Second Battle of Fredericksburg

John Sedgwick drives Jubal Early south past the city of Fredericksburg. The following day, as Early prepares to counterattack he finds the city empty. Sedgwick had followed the river west to aid the Army of the Potomac at Chancellorsville
  Jubal Anderson Early
May 3, 1863
May 4, 1863
Battle of Salem Church
Battle of Banks Ford

Wilcox's Brigade of Early's Division stops the Union IV Army Corps with a position around rural Salem Church. Sedgwick decided to withdraw to the north when Lee reinforces Wilcox with two divisions and Early moves on Sedgwick's rear.
  Jubal Anderson Early
May 5, 1864
May 7, 1864
Battle of the Wilderness

Ulysses S. Grant [US] is badly beaten on the field by Robert E. Lee [CS] but rather than retreat, Grant advances to Spotsylvania Court House.

Union: 17,666

Confederate: 7,750
  Bloodiest Civil War battles
  Robert E. Lee
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Overland Campaign
  James Longstreet
  Winfield Scott Hancock
  A. P. Hill
  Richard Ewell
  Gouverneur K. Warren
May 9, 1864 General John Sedgwick [US] is killed by a Confederate sharpshooter during the battle of Spotsylvania. He is replaced by Horatio Wright
  Generals Who Died In the Civil War

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Military

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