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John Hunt Morgan
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military
June 1, 1825 John Hunt Morgan born, Huntsville, Alabama Alabama
July 4, 1862
August 1, 1862
John Hunt Morgan leads a Confederate raid into Kentucky
July 9, 1862 John Hunt Morgan [CS] turns back federal troops and takes Tompkinsville Kentucky
July 12, 1862 John Hunt Morgan [CS] and his raiders seize Lebanon Kentucky
July 16, 1862 John Hunt Morgan wires Kirby Smith "Lexington and Frankfurt ... are garrisoned with Home Guard. The bridges between Cincinnati and Lexington have been destroyed. The whole country can be secured and 25,000 to 30,000 men with join you at once. Kentucky
  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
  E. Kirby Smith
October 18, 1862 Battle of Lexington

John Hunt Morgan's [CS} raiders captured a federal garrison before moving to the southwest
December 7, 1862 John Hunt Morgan captures a federal garrison in Hartsville, killing and wounding 1000 before 1800 men surrendered Tennessee
December 21, 1862 John Hunt Morgan leads a raid against William S. Rosecrans' supply lines in Kentucky
June 11, 1863 General John Hunt Morgan leaves Alexandria, Tennessee to raid Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana
July 4, 1863 Morgan's men run into a contigent of federal troops in Columbus, Kentucky Kentucky
July 8, 1863
July 9, 1863
After crossing the Ohio River on captured steamboats, Morgan and his men loot Mauckport and Corydon Indiana
July 13, 1863 After several days of plundering Indiana, John Hunt Morgan crosses into Ohio
July 19, 1863 While crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky at Buffington Island, John Hunt Morgan's raiders stumble onto a fortified position. Federals manage to kill or wound 120 and capture 700 men and most of the rest return to Ohio to find an alternate crossing. Ohio
July 26, 1863 John Hunt Morgan is captured at New Lisbon, Ohio. Most of his command had already been apprehended Ohio
November 27, 1863 General John Hunt Morgan [CS] escapes from the Ohio State Penitentiary
September 4, 1864 John Hunt Morgan is shot dead by federal troops fleeing the home of a woman who had betrayed him (Greenville, Tennessee) Tennessee

John Hunt Morgan

Dashing and debonair, John Hunt Morgan was a popular Southern hero during the War for Southern Independence. After serving in the Mexican American War, he returned to Kentucky to run a successful mercantile business in Lexington. Although Kentucky stayed in the Union, the Alabama-born Morgan decided to join the Confederate Army.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military

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