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John C. Fremont
January 21, 1813 John C. Frémont born, Savannah, GA
June 17, 1856
June 19, 1856
Republican Convention nominates John C. Fremont for President.
  Election of 1856
  Republican Party
November 4, 1856 Democrats James Buchanan and John C. Breckinridge defeat Republicans John C. Fremont and William Dayton and American (Know-Nothing) Party candidates Millard Fillmore and Andrew Donelson
  Election of 1856
  James Buchanan
  Millard Fillmore
  John Breckinridge
  Republican Party
  Democratic Party
August 30, 1861 John C. Fremont declares martial law in Missouri and frees slaves of Missouri Confederates. Missouri
  The Emancipation of Slaves
September 11, 1861 President Lincoln orders John C. Fremont to rescind his order freeing some slaves in Missouri and issue a new order conforming to the Confiscation Act passed by Congress Missouri
  Abraham Lincoln
  The Emancipation of Slaves
  Committee on the Conduct of the War
November 2, 1861 President Lincoln relieves John C. Frémont from duty. Missouri
March 11, 1862 President Lincoln puts Henry Halleck in charge of all forces in the West. Lincoln also creates the Mountain Department, covering West Virginia and the mountainous area of Virginia. John Fremont is put in command.
  Henry Halleck
June 8, 1862 Battle of Cross Keys
Battle of Union Church

While Robert Ewell [CS] defeated John Fremont [US], Stonewall Jackson guarded Ewell's rear against an attack by James Shields [US].
  Stonewall Jackson
May 31, 1864 A small convention in Cleveland of Republican abolitionists unhappy with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and other things, nominates John C. Fremont for president. Ohio
  Election of 1864
  Republican Party
September 17, 1864 John C. Fremont withdraws from the race for President

John C. Fremont
John C. Frémont

Sometimes using Kit Carson as his guide, John Fremont christened the "Golden Gate," (San Francisco Bay), discovered Lake Tahoe while searching for the mythical Buenaventura River, created some of the earliest known maps of the Oregon Trail, and explored much of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. For this the American people nicknamed him "Pathfinder," after a character in James Fenimore Cooper novels.

After running as the Republican candidate for President in the Election of 1856, Fremont became a controversial Union general who superseded his authority as military governor and had only moderate success in the battlefield.

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