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Gettysburg Chronology, July 1, 1863
Civil War Encyclopedia >> Battles
July 1, 1863 General John Reynolds is killed west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Less than a month earlier, Abraham Lincoln had offered him command of the Army of the Potomac
  Generals Who Died In the Civil War
  John Reynolds
  Battle of Gettysburg

Dawn - Union cavalry pickets (Buford) detect Rebel infantry (Heth) moving towards Gettysburg along the Chambersburg Pike

Shots ring out from the Union line towards Heth's infantry west of Lohr Farm.
Rebels reorganize with a skirmish line in front.

Union pickets begin to "fire and fall back" from Marsh Creek, Knoxlyn Ridge (less than 200 men)

8:00am Capt Edward Marye's Fredericksburg battery destroys Lohr's farmhouse near Marsh Creek

Buford, at Eagle Hotel, decides to hold Gettysburg until John Reynolds arrives.

Union brigades under Devin/Gamble deploy along McPherson Ridge (roughly 500 men) near the Chambersburg Pike

8:30 Davis begins crossing Willoughby Run. Archer, under heavy picket fire, delays crossing Willoughby. Heth orders him to advance, which he does slowly, anticipating a bigger Yankee counterattack

845 Devin/Gamble begin falling back to McPherson Ridge

915am AP Hill informs Dick Ewell that his men are advancing towards Gettysburg and meeting stiff resistance.

9:30am Reynolds arrives at Buford's position west of Gettysburg. The vanguard of the I Corps is following. Buford prepares his men for withdrawal.

10:00 I Corps (Cutler) begins deploying along southern McPherson Ridge in front of Archer's Rebels. Davis, north of Chambersburg Pike, has already taken northern end of the ridge. Iron Brigade (Meredith) switches from marching column to battleline by regiment near the Lutheran Seminary.

10:15 Heavy fighting in Herbst Woods. 14th Tennessee and 7th Wisconsin.

10:45 am Maj Gen John Reynolds shot and dies just east of Herbst Woods

11:15 With support from Cutler's 14th Brooklyn on McPherson Ridge, the Iron Brigade turns back Archer's Rebels in Herbst Woods.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> Battles

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