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Generals Who Died In the Civil War
August 10, 1861 Battle of Wilson's Creek [US]
Battle of Springfield [CS]

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon [US] is killed in the Confederate victory
  Sterling Price
January 19, 1862 General Felix Zollicoffer is shot and killed when he accidently crosses the Union line and speaks to Col. S. S. Fry [US] at the battle of Mill Springs Kentucky
  Battle of Mill Springs
  Felix Zollicoffer
April 6, 1862 On the first day of the battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing, General Albert Sidney Johnston, commander of the Department of the West is killed while leading an advance against a Union position in a peach orchard. Tennessee
  Albert Sidney Johnston
June 29, 1862 During the Battle of Peach Orchard Confederate Brigadier General Richard Griffith is killed by an artillery blast Virginia
August 6, 1862 Union Brigadier General Robert McCook, ill and riding in an ambulance, is attacked by Confederate raiders between Athens, AL and Descherd, TN. He dies from his wounds.
September 1, 1862 Battle of Chantilly
Union Major General Phillip Kearny [US] is shot and killed when he crosses Rebel lines while riding his horse. Gen Issac I. Stevens [US] is also killed
  Battle of Chantilly
September 14, 1862 Brigadier General Samuel Garland [CS] is mortally wounded during the Battle of Fox's Gap, dying later that day. Later that day, Major General Jesse Reno [US] is also mortally wounded a few feet from the spot where Garland fell. Maryland
  Samuel Garland
September 29, 1862 General William A. Nelson gets into an altercation with General Jefferson C. Davis at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky. Davis returns later with a gun and shoots and kills Nelson. Kentucky
  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
  William 'Bull' Nelson
December 13, 1862 Confederate General T. R. R. Cobb dies during the battle of Fredericksburg. South Carolinian Maxcy Gregg is mortally wounded and dies two days later. Georgia
May 2, 1863 General Stonewall Jackson is shot 3 times in a friendly fire incident Virginia
  Stonewall Jackson
May 7, 1863 Major General Earl van Dorn [CS] is killed by a jealous husband.
  Earl Van Dorn
May 10, 1863 Stonewall Jackson dies at a field hospital near Guiney Station, VA, Virginia
  Stonewall Jackson
July 1, 1863 General John Reynolds is killed west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Less than a month earlier, Abraham Lincoln had offered him command of the Army of the Potomac
  John Reynolds
  Gettysburg Chronology, July 1, 1863
  Battle of Gettysburg
September 21, 1863 Mortally wounded at Chickamauga, Confederate Brigadier General Benjamin "Ben" Hardin Helms dies. He was Abraham Lincoln's brother-in-law. Georgia
  Battle of Chickamauga
  Abraham Lincoln
May 9, 1864 General John Sedgwick [US] is killed by a Confederate sharpshooter during the battle of Spotsylvania. He is replaced by Horatio Wright
  John Sedgwick
June 14, 1864 While inspecting his lines, Leonidas Polk is killed at Pine Mountain by an artillery blast ordered by William Tecumseh Sherman. Georgia
  Leonidas Polk
  Atlanta Campaign
  William Tecumseh Sherman
July 22, 1864 During the Battle of Atlanta, Major General James McPherson, commander of the Army of the Tennessee is killed when he accidently crosses Confederate lines.
  Army of the Tennessee
  Battle of Atlanta
July 22, 1864 Major General W. H. T. Walker is killed by Union forces while scouting a position before the Battle of Atlanta
  Battle of Atlanta
September 19, 1864 3rd battle of Winchester (Opequon Creek)

Phil Sheridan [US], with a force of 40,000 men, strikes Jubal Early's [CS] 14,000 man Confederate army north of Winchester. Sheridan simply overpowered the Confederates. General Robert E. Rodes was mortally wounded in the conflict.
  Jubal Anderson Early
  Philip Sheridan

Generals Who Died In the Civil War

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