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Flags of the Civil War
July 4, 1859 The Oregon Flag is introduced. It will be the first flag under which U. S. troops enter the Civil War. Oregon
July 4, 1861 The Kansas Flag is introduced Kansas
March 6, 1862 Barnwell Rhett proposes a yellow sun in a blue shield with a ray for each state. It would eliminate the stars and the red, white, and blue combinations of the Yankee flag South Carolina
  Robert Barnwell Rhett
April 19, 1862 The Joint Committee on Flag and Seal backs the flag proposed earlier by Barnwell Rhett. The Confederate House eventually tables the design.
  Robert Barnwell Rhett
May 1, 1863 "Stainless Banner" becomes the second Confederate Flag
May 26, 1863 Confederate Naval flag introduced by Secretary of the Navy Stephen Russell Mallory
July 4, 1863 The West Virginia flag is introduced. This is the final Union flag of the Civil War West Virginia
March 4, 1864 The Confederate States of America adopts the Stars and Bars as its official flag

Flags of the Civil War

During the Civil War both the Northern and Southern armies marched under 3 different flags. Continueing with tradition, the North added a new star to the field of the flag with each state that joined the Union. They never took out the stars representing the states that seceded from the Union.

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