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Election of 1840
Civil War Encyclopedia >> Politics
November 13, 1839 A convention of abolitionists meeting in Warsaw, NY, selects James Birney as its presidential candidate.
  James Birney
April 1, 1840 Meeting in Albany the Liberty Party affirms the previous nomination of abolitionist James Birney for President.
  James Birney
May 8, 1840 Democratic National Convention in Baltimore nominates Martin Van Buren for President. Maryland
  Martin Van Buren
  Democratic Party
November 3, 1840 William Henry Harrison (Whig) defeats Martin Van Buren (Democrat) to become President of the United States
  Martin Van Buren
  Democratic Party

Election of 1840

Often overlooked today, the Presidential election of 1840 was a surprising epiphany as far as The Civil War is concerned. It featured the first viable abolitionist candidate, James Birney, who garnered 6,797 votes of the 2.4 million votes cast (.28%). New Hampshire was Birney's strongest state, where he won 1.45% of the vote. His votes would increase in the Election of 1844, marking the rise of the abolition movement in America and the earliest roots of the modern Republican Party.

The election saw the Whig candidate, William Henry Harrison, win over the Democrat Martin Van Buren by a wide margin in the Electoral College.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> Politics

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