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Confederate Order of Secession
Civil War Encyclopedia >> Politics
December 17, 1860 South Carolina Secessionist Convention is called to order. The convention decides unanimously to secede from the United States and appoints a committee to draw up the needed documents. South Carolina
  Edmund Ruffin
December 20, 1860 South Carolina's convention officially approves the Ordinance of Secession South Carolina
  South Carolina Ordinance of Secession
January 9, 1861 Mississippi secedes from the Union Mississippi
  Mississippi Ordinance of Secession
January 10, 1861 Florida secedes from the Union. They simply replace the term "United States" with "Confederate States" in their constitution Florida
  Florida Ordinance of Secession
January 11, 1861 Alabama secedes from the Union Alabama
  Alabama Ordinance of Secession
January 16, 1861
January 19, 1861
Following two days of debate and a day of hammering out the wording of the secession document, Georgia votes to leave the Union on January 19. Georgia
  Georgia Ordinance of Secession
January 26, 1861 By a vote of 112 to 17, the Louisiana Secessionist Convention votes to secede from the Union Louisiana
  Louisiana Ordinance of Secession
February 1, 1861 Texas secessionist convention votes 166 to 7 to secede, calling for a ratification election by the people Texas
  Texas Ordinance of Secession
March 21, 1861 Missouri secessionist convention adjourns having voted 98-1 against secession Missouri
April 17, 1861 Virgina Secession Convention approves the wording of a referendum of secession and calls for a popular vote to approve it. Virginia
  Virginia Ordinance of Secession
  Virginia Secession Convention
May 6, 1861 Arkansas secedes from the Union Arkansas
  Arkansas Ordinance of Secession
May 6, 1861 Tennessee votes to put the question of secession before the people in a popular referendum Tennessee
May 20, 1861 Kentucky declares its neutrality in the War Between The States Kentucky
May 20, 1861 Delegates to the North Carolina Secession Convention vote to withdraw from the Union North Carolina
  North Carolina Ordinance of Secession
May 21, 1861 Missouri declares its neutrality in the Civil War Missouri
May 23, 1861 Virginia ratifies the Secessionist Convention referendum by a vote of 132,201 to 37,451 Virginia
  Virginia Secession Convention
June 8, 1861 By a vote of 108,339 to 47,233, Tennessee decides to secede from the United States Tennessee
  Tennessee Ordinance of Secession

Six Deep South states, led by South Carolina, were the first to secede. As the representatives of these states met at the Convention of Seceding States in Montgomery, Alabama to form the Confederate States of America, word reached them that a seventh state, Texas, joined the Confederacy. It would take the federal reinforcement of Fort Sumter and the Confederate response before the upper tier of Southern states decided to join the fledgling Confederate Nation.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> Politics

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