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13th Amendment
13th Amendment [Full Text]
14th Amendment
14th Amendment [Full Text]
1855 Springfield Rifle
1860 (Southern) Democratic Party Platform
1860 Democratic National Convention
1860 Democratic Party Platform
1860 Republican Convention
1862 Cabinet Crisis
A House Divided [Full Text]
A. P. Hill
Abraham Lincoln
Alabama Ordinance of Secession
Albert Sidney Johnston
Alexander Stephens
Ambrose Burnside
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Appomattox (or Appomattox Court House)
Arkansas Ordinance of Secession
Army of Mississippi
Army of Northern Virginia
Army of Tennessee
Army of the Cumberland
Army of the James
Army of the Ohio
Army of the Potomac
Army of the Tennessee
Army of Virginia
Atlanta Campaign
Attack on Dam Number 5
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Baltimore Riot of 1861
Battle of Allatoona Pass
Battle of Appomattox
Battle of Atlanta
Battle of Ball's Bluff
Battle of Beaver Dam Creek
Battle of Belmont
Battle of Big Bethel
Battle of Cedar Mountain
Battle of Chantilly
Battle of Cheat Mountain
Battle of Chickamauga
Battle of Corrick's Ford
Battle of Dranesville
Battle of Drewrys Bluff
Battle of Fair Oaks - Seven Pines
Battle of Fort Sanders
Battle of Gaines Mill
Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Glendale
Battle of Harpers Ferry
Battle of Iuka
Battle of Malvern Hill
Battle of Middle Creek
Battle of Mill Springs
Battle of Missionary Ridge
Battle of Mobile Bay
Battle of Munfordville
Battle of Nashville
Battle of New Orleans
Battle of Oak Grove
Battle of Resaca
Battle of Rich Mountain
Battle of Savage's Station
Battle of Shiloh
Battle of Vicksburg
Battle of Wauhatchie
Battle of Williamsburg
Battles for Chattanooga
Benjamin Butler
Benjamin Franklin Cheatham
Benjamin Huger
Benjamin Lundy
Bleeding Kansas
Bloodiest Civil War battles
Braxton Bragg
Brice's Crossroads
Causes of the Civil War
Central Army of Kentucky
Charles Sumner
Chickamauga Campaign
Civil War Artillery projectiles
Civil War Firsts
Civil War National Cemeteries
Clement Vallandigham
Committee of Thirteen
Committee on the Conduct of the War
Compromise of 1850
Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
Confederate Order of Secession
Confession of Nat Turner
Constitution of the State of Vermont
Convention of Seceding States
Cracker Line
Crittenden Compromise [Full Text]
Daniel Harvey Hill
Daniel Webster
Darius Couch
David Farragut
David Porter
Democratic Party
Don Carlos Buell
Dred Scott decision
E. Kirby Smith
Earl Van Dorn
Early action at Herbst Woods
Edmund Ruffin
Edward O. C. Ord
Edwin Stanton
Edwin Vose Sumner
Election of 1824
Election of 1828
Election of 1832
Election of 1836
Election of 1840
Election of 1844
Election of 1848
Election of 1852
Election of 1856
Election of 1864
Election of 1868
Election of 1872
Election of 1876
Election of 1880
Emancipation Proclamation
Emancipation Proclamation (Full Text)
Encounter at the Marshall House
English Bill
Fall of Nashville, February, 1862
Felix Zollicoffer
First Manassas - First Bull Run
First National Flag of the Confederate States
First Vicksburg Campaign
First Wheeling Convention
Fitz-John Porter
Flag Officer
Flags of the Civil War
Florida Ordinance of Secession
Ford's Theater
Fort Henry and Fort Donelson
Fort McAllister
Fort Pulaski
Fort Sumter
Fort Wagner
Franklin Pierce
Frederick Douglass
Free-Soil Party
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 [Full Text]
gag rule
General-in-Chief, U. S. Army
Generals Who Died In the Civil War
George Armstrong Custer
George Crawford
George McClellan
George Meade
George Pickett
George Stoneman
George Thomas
Georgia Convention of 1850
Georgia Declaration of Causes
Georgia Ordinance of Secession
Georgia Platform
Georgia Secession
Gettysburg Address [Full Text]
Gettysburg Chronology, July 1, 1863
Gideon Pillow
Gordon Granger
Gouverneur K. Warren
Hampton Roads
Harpers Ferry
Henry Clay
Henry Halleck
Important Battles of the Civil War
In God We Trust
Irvin McDowell
J. E. B. Stuart
James Archer
James Birney
James Buchanan
James Garfield
James Longstreet
James McPherson
James Polk
Jefferson Davis
John A. McClernand
John B. Gordon
John Bell Hood
John Breckinridge
John Brown
John C. Calhoun
John C. Frémont
John C. Fremont
John Crittenden
John Floyd
John Hunt Morgan
John Logan
John Magruder
John Mosby
John Pope
John Quincy Adams
John Reynolds
John Sedgwick
John Tyler
Jones v. Van Zandt
Joseph E. Johnston
Joseph Hooker
Jubal Anderson Early
Jubal Early's Raid on Washington D. C.
Kansas becomes a state
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Kansas-Nebraska Act [Full Text]
Kennesaw Mountain
Kentucky Ordinance of Secession
Lafayette McLaws
Lecompton Constitution
Leonidas Polk
Letter, Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Hooker
Lew Wallace
Lew Wallace at Shiloh
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Speech [Full Text]
Louisiana Ordinance of Secession
Louisiana Purchase
Malvern Hill by Herman Melville
March to the Sea
Martin Van Buren
Maryland and Secession
Meridian Campaign
Mexican American War
Millard Fillmore
Mine Run Campaign
Mississippi Ordinance of Secession
Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820)
Missouri Ordinance of Secession
Morgan's Raid into Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana
Nashville Campaign
Nashville Convention of 1850
Nashville Convention of 1850 [Resolutions]
Nashville Convention Resolutions [Full Text]
Nat Turner and the Slave Revolt
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Nathaniel Banks
New York City draft riots
North Carolina Ordinance of Secession
Northern Virginia Campaign
Northwest Ordinance (Ordinance of 1787) [Full Text]
Nullification Crisis
Official Records
Oliver O. Howard
Operations in Western Virginia
Overland Campaign
P. G. T. Beauregard
Panic of 1819
Panic of 1837
Panic of 1857
Patrick Cleburne
Peninsula Campaign
Philip Sheridan
popular sovereignty
Preston S. Brooks
Proposed 13th Amendment
Queen of the West
Quincy A. Gillmore
Radical Republicans
Raid on Rome, Georgia
Red River Campaign
Republican Party
Richard Ewell
Richmond, Virginia
Robert Anderson
Robert Barnwell Rhett
Robert E. Lee
Robert Toombs
Roger B. Taney
Romney Campaign
Rutherford B. Hayes
Salmon P. Chase
Samuel Garland
Samuel Heintzelman
Second Confiscation Act (Full Text)
Second Manassas - Second Bull Run
Second Vicksburg Campaign
Second Wheeling Convention
Seven Days Retreat
Sheridans Raid on Richmond
Sherman's Memoirs on Shiloh
Siege of Charleston
Siege of Knoxville
Siege of Petersburg
Siege of Yorktown
Simon Bolivar Buckner
South Carolina Ordinance of Secession
Special Memorandum to Robert Anderson, December 11, 1860
Special Orders No. 191
Specie Circular
Speech by John C. Calhoun, March 4, 1850
Star of the West
Statement of Protest to Georgia Secession
Stephen A. Douglas
Sterling Price
Stone's River
Stone's River
Stonewall Jackson
Stuart's Ride Around McClellan
Sumner and Brooks
Surrender At Appomattox
Surrender Letters
Tennessee Ordinance of Secession
Texas Ordinance of Secession
The Civil War
The Election of 1860
The Emancipation of Slaves
The Gettysburg Campaign
The Great Locomotive Chase
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
Trent Affair
Tullahoma Campaign
Ulysses S. Grant
USS New Ironsides
Utah War
Virginia Ordinance of Secession
Virginia Secession Convention
War of 1812
Washington D. C.
Washington Peace Convention
West Virginia Constitutional Convention
Western and Atlantic Railroad
Why is it the Union Army
William 'Bull' Nelson
William B. Franklin
William Farrar Smith
William H. Crawford
William Hardee
William Henry Harrison
William Lloyd Garrison
William S. Rosecrans
William Seward
William Tecumseh Sherman
Wilmot Proviso
Wilmot Proviso [full text]
Winfield Scott
Winfield Scott Hancock
Zachary Taylor

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