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April 7, 1788 City of Marietta founded, making it the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territories Ohio
April 7, 1815 [circa] Commodity prices fall almost 20% in March, 1815 as the United States increases its imports following the War of 1812
April 7, 1846 John Slidell informs James Polk that the Mexican government has refused to recognize him as ambassador.
  James Polk
April 7, 1861 P. G. T. Beauregard orders all transports to Fort Sumter cut off. This ended the fort's supply of fresh food South Carolina
  P. G. T. Beauregard
  Fort Sumter
April 7, 1862 Island No. 10, in the Mississippi River downstream from New Madrid, is captured. More than 5,000 Confederates are taken prisoner Missouri
  John Pope
April 7, 1863 A fleet of 9 Union ironclads under the command of Samuel Dupont sailed into Charleston Harbor and attacked Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter. Sumter is visibly damaged but the Confederate batteries from the shore heavily damage the 9 ironclads and they are forced to withdraw. Naval occupation of the harbor is ruled out.

South Carolina
  USS New Ironsides
  Fort Sumter
April 7, 1864 James Longstreet recalled to Virginia
  James Longstreet
April 7, 1865 Grant begans communication with Lee known as the "Surrender Letters." Virginia
  Surrender Letters
  Robert E. Lee
  Ulysses S. Grant
April 7, 1866 Congress appropriates $100,000 to buy Ford's Theater. It will house the Army Medical Museum, the Office of the Surgeon General and War Department records until 1893
  Ford's Theater
April 7, 1888 Quincy Adams Gillmore dies, Brooklyn, New York
  Quincy A. Gillmore

Ongoing on this day:
April 6, 1862
April 7, 1862
Battle of Pittsburg Landing [Union]
Battle of Shiloh [Confederate]

Ulysses S. Grant [US] defeats Albert Sidney Johnston [CS] in southwest Tennessee. P. G. T. Beauregard assumed command following Johnston's death

Confederate Losses
1,723 dead
8,012 wounded
959 missing
Union Losses
1,754 dead
8,408 wounded
2,885 missing
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Sherman's Memoirs on Shiloh
  P. G. T. Beauregard
  Battle of Shiloh
  Braxton Bragg
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Bloodiest Civil War battles
  Don Carlos Buell
  Albert Sidney Johnston
  John Breckinridge
  William Hardee
  William 'Bull' Nelson
  Lew Wallace
  Lew Wallace at Shiloh
  Army of the Tennessee
  James McPherson
  Army of Mississippi
April 12, 1861
May 10, 1865
The American Civil War
  The Civil War
April 2, 1865
April 9, 1865
Battle of Fort Blakely Alabama
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