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Documents of the government, speeches
North Carolina Ordinance of Secession
Tennessee Ordinance of Secession
Kentucky Ordinance of Secession
Georgia Declaration of Causes
Kansas-Nebraska Act [Full Text]
14th Amendment [Full Text]
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 [Full Text]
Sherman's Memoirs on Shiloh
Nashville Convention Resolutions [Full Text]
Georgia Platform
Confession of Nat Turner
Speech by John C. Calhoun, March 4, 1850
Special Memorandum to Robert Anderson, December 11, 1860
13th Amendment [Full Text]
1860 (Southern) Democratic Party Platform
1860 Democratic Party Platform
Alabama Ordinance of Secession
Arkansas Ordinance of Secession
Constitution of the State of Vermont
Crittenden Compromise [Full Text]
Emancipation Proclamation (Full Text)
Florida Ordinance of Secession
Georgia Ordinance of Secession
Gettysburg Address [Full Text]
A House Divided [Full Text]
Letter, Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Hooker
Louisiana Ordinance of Secession
Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820)
Nashville Convention of 1850 [Resolutions]
Northwest Ordinance (Ordinance of 1787) [Full Text]
Proposed 13th Amendment
Second Confiscation Act (Full Text)
Texas Ordinance of Secession
Wilmot Proviso [full text]

Civil War Encyclopedia

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