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Civil War battles in Mississippi

September 19, 1862 Battle of Iuka

William Rosecrans [US] beat Sterling Price [CS] who withdrew when scouts report a column under the command of Edward O. C. Ord was advancing from the Mississippi.
  William S. Rosecrans
  Sterling Price
October 3, 1862
October 4, 1862
Battle of Corinth

Earl Van Dorn [CS] and Sterling Price [CS] attack William Rosecrans [US] northern perimeter, driving it back to a reinforced line. Rosecrans successfully defends the city
  Earl Van Dorn
  Sterling Price
  William S. Rosecrans
October 5, 1862 Battle of Hatchie Bridge [US]
Battle of Metamora [CS]

Other names: Hatchie; Davis Bridge

Edward Ord [US] discovers Confederates retreating from Corinth. When Ord was severly wounded fighting paused as command passed to Stephen Hurlbut [US]. Sterling Price [CS] was able to escape.
  Sterling Price
  Edward O. C. Ord
December 20, 1862 General Earl Van Dorn [CS] strikes a federal supply depot at Holly Springs capturing 1500 prisoners and destroying 1.5 million dollars of military supplies Mississippi
  Earl Van Dorn
  First Vicksburg Campaign
May 12, 1863 Battle of Raymond

A Confederate brigade under John Gregg attacks a Union division under Major General John Logan in the town of Raymond, between Vicksburg and Jackson.
  Second Vicksburg Campaign
May 16, 1863 Battle of Champion Hill

Pemberton agrees to attack the federal line with Johnston. The focal point of the attack, Champion Hill, will change hands three times, but the Confederate forces fail to meet. Pemberton withdraws to Vicksburg
  Second Vicksburg Campaign
  Joseph E. Johnston
  Second Vicksburg Campaign
May 26, 1863
July 4, 1863
Siege of Vicksburg

Date of the start of siege varies from May 18 - May 26.
  Ulysses S. Grant
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  John A. McClernand
  James McPherson
July 9, 1863
July 16, 1863
Battle of Jackson Mississippi
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Joseph E. Johnston
July 13, 1863 Battle of Yazoo City Mississippi
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