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Civil War battles in Kentucky

February 6, 1862 Battle of Fort Henry Kentucky
  Fort Henry and Fort Donelson
  Ulysses S. Grant
August 30, 1862 Battle of Richmond

In an impressive victory, E. Kirby Smith [CS] defeats William "Bull" Nelson [US]
  Army of Tennessee
  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
  E. Kirby Smith
  William 'Bull' Nelson
September 14, 1862
September 17, 1862
Battle of Munfordville

After being initially repulsed by a federal garrison of 4,000, Braxton Bragg [CS] laid a brief seige. Federals surrendered on the 17th.
  Braxton Bragg
  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
  Simon Bolivar Buckner
  Battle of Munfordville
October 8, 1862 Battle of Perryville

Braxton Bragg [CS] and Don Carlos Buell [US] fight the largest battle on Kentucky soil. The battle is generally regarded as a draw, although Buell claimed victory. Less than half of Buell's men participated because he did not know a major battle was taking place less than 2 miles from his headquarters
  Braxton Bragg
  Don Carlos Buell
  Army of the Ohio
  Army of Tennessee
  Philip Sheridan
  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
  William Hardee
  Simon Bolivar Buckner
  Benjamin Franklin Cheatham
  Leonidas Polk
  Patrick Cleburne
October 10, 1862 Battle of Harrodsburg Kentucky
  Confederate Invasion of Kentucky
October 18, 1862 Battle of Lexington

John Hunt Morgan's [CS} raiders captured a federal garrison before moving to the southwest
  John Hunt Morgan
July 4, 1863 Morgan's men run into a contigent of federal troops in Columbus, Kentucky Kentucky
  John Hunt Morgan
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