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America's Civil War
Presented by Georgia's Historic High Country Travel Association

Telegraph lines in Ohio and South Carolina in 1853
Telegraph Infrastructure in the United States
The American Civil War, or the War Between the States, began when Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor and ended when the last major army east of the Mississippi surrendered in Kingston, Georgia in May, 1865. In between more than 678,000 soldiers died on the battlefields and in the hospitals.

Georgia's Blue and Gray Trail takes visitors to Chickamauga, site of the greatest Confederate victory, then follows a route from Chattanooga to Atlanta, similar to the one that General William Tecumseh Sherman took as he danced a "Red Clay Minuet" with Confederate Commander Joseph E. Johnston and, later, John Bell Hood.

The Blue and Gray Trail, however, does not only deal with Georgia. Beginning from before the signing of our Constitution, we trace the causes of the Civil War, the battles and campaigns, people and politics, and the bitter pill of Reconstruction in the Civil War by year and Today in the Civil War

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Today in the Civil War
March 2

The U. S. Congress passes a proposed 13th Amendment stating that the Congress will not abolish or ... 1861

Texas Secessionist Convention reconvenes 1861

Congress passes the Morrill Tariff Bill. 1861

Congress adopts a proposed 13th Amendment, making it illegal to interfer with the "domestic ... 1861

Leonidas Polk completes his withdrawal from Columbus. He moves south to New Madrid, Missouri. 1862

Congress rejects a call by President Lincoln to adopt a standard railroad gauge of 5 feet and adopts ... 1863

Fitzhugh Lee [CS] traps Ulric Dalhgreen's cavalry following a raid on Richmond, killing Dahlgreen ... 1864

U. S. Senate confirms Ulysses S. Grant as Lieutenant General 1864

Battle of Waynesborough George Armstrong Custer [US] defeats Jubal Early [CS] 1865

Robert E. Lee sends a message to Ulysess S. Grant asking for a conference to "iron out differences" ... 1865

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